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April 2017 Gorgeous In Your Inbox Katherine McClure Photography


1. a period of paid leave granted to a university teacher or other worker for study or travel, traditionally one year for every seven years worked.

Are you familiar with sabbatical? Or the idea behind a planned rest from your work? Well, I am trying to wrap my head around it because my husband (who is a pastor) is up for sabbatical this next year. In his agreement with the church, he receives one week for every year served and is granted permission to apply for a Clergy Renewal Grant from the Lily Foundation. The grant would pay not only for his leave, but for his replacement as well, so there isn’t any extra financial stress for our congregation.

He turned in his application to study prayer and discipleship in South Korea with me and all the four kids for 9 weeks in the spring of 2018… and now we wait. We wait until August to find out if he is accepted this year or if we need to reapply. (They are quite clear that previous applicants are given preferences over first timers like us!)

I hate waiting.

But the idea of a planned rest both excites and terrifies me. I am excited to not be pulled away from my kids for 9 whole weeks. I would get to ‘just’ be mom. Not homeschooling mom. Not entrepreneur mom. Not leadership mom. Not photographer mom. Just Mom.

I am also terrified about how to handle business while I am away. Will I continue social media posting via my office manager? Or actually go radio silent for a change? Will I be able to fulfill orders from previous clients that always pop up for special occasions? Will I still want to create portraits while living abroad… and if so does that mean I’m not really resting?

I hate waiting.

But patience is a virtue that I still need to develop. Obviously…

So in the waiting I’ll take the Korean lessons with Matt and the kids. I’ll continue to be amazed that Lorien can write me short notes in Korean that she has to translate for me! I’ll be thankful that Matt’s previous experience living in South Korea has left us a beautiful network of friendships to deepen during our time there.

And while I know I should be patient and not expect to go in 2018… I think I am more excited than terrified… I think…

In the meantime, the calendar is booking all the way into November so please contact me to get your date on the calendar today. May is full but June 3, June 7 and June 21 are still open for evening sessions. Let’s celebrate your relationships in the lush greens of June and if you are purchasing a gift for Mother’s Day, let me get your gift bag ready for next Sunday!

Because your love is gorgeous,

Kat McClure

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