August 2017 Gorgeous In Your Inbox- Iowa News Photography

August 2017 Gorgeous In Your Inbox Katherine McClure Photography

August 2017 Gorgeous In Your Inbox

The couple above requested a moment design session on the baseball field, complete with coordinated jerseys.. and high heels for her! I don’t have to know all the specific rules about baseball to see how much they love each other. My Moment Design training prepared me to go beyond the obvious hobbies and find out how that involvement shaped who they became together. Because now? They are a beautiful family.

And I’ve never been sporty. Are you surprised? I love to photograph athletes absorbed in their passion… but I’ve never been a fan of fast moving objects hurtling toward my face.

I’ve never been musical. Did you know? I grew up in a house full of musicians… and all those genes skipped right over me in the womb. But photographing a saxophonist at Noce last week gave me goosebumps when the sound filled the room.

I’ve never been coordinated. Come on! Everyone who has spent five minutes with me knows that. But I have been creating images of dancers for competition projects the last two years because I am in awe of how graceful a human can be.

I’ve never been crafty. I probably still shouldn’t have scissor privileges… because creating photographic portraits and cutting and pasting are two entirely different skill sets.

But I do love to meet new people.

And hear their stories. And find out what really matters about their relationships.

New parents who are thrilled and terrified of the baby they are expecting. Dads who are sending their kids off to college for the first time. Moms whose grown kids have moved far away. Grandmas who tear up every time they think about how their family has been blessed. Grandpas who choose to spoil the little ones simply because they can. And the friendships that fill in the gaps where blood ties may have failed.

I don’t need to be sporty or musical or coordinated or crafty to appreciate how your family is connected. But if your family is any of those things? Then we can work together to highlight what makes it so special.

I do what I do because your love is gorgeous. Every day. And I would love to hear your story.

Thank you for sharing your love with me,


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August 2017 Gorgeous In Your Inbox – Iowa Photography News – by Katherine McClure Photography