Black and White Family Photography in Prairie City, Iowa- Schendel Family


Black and White Family Photography

by Katherine McClure Photography

The best catch of his life. The whole family was playing tag but this dad was busy chasing momma! My dad used to always say “She was my wife before she was your mother!” It usually came out when we were interrupting their own dance sessions in the kitchen. I am so thankful I have sweet memories of my dad dancing with my mom. Of him stealing kisses. Of him pursuing her my whole childhood.

I just wish I had photographs of that, too. Those memories are so sweet to me, that it means the world when I can give them to someone else. Ella and Alana, these portraits of your family are a gift to you. You might think they were for your mom right now. She picked her favorites for the wall and she ordered the kind of album she was envisioning for herself. But these images are really for you. They show how you are loved. They reveal how your dad loves your mom. But most of all, they can give you hope. In a world that can be harsh, finding a partner who not only stays with you but works through it with you is a great comfort.

This is the kind of love that is beautiful. This is the kind of love that makes my portraits gorgeous, because your mom shared you with me.