Color Harmonizing Family Portraits in Prairie City, Iowa- Schendel Family

Location scouting win! Does your photographer find heavy machinery to complement your accent colors? While I spoke all about the heart and meaning behind their candid black and white portion of the session earlier, I wanted to share about what happened behind the scenes for their color harmonizing family portraits, too!


During their consultation, I knew this family was looking for a barn location near Prairie City, Iowa. I have access to quite a few with different looks so I let them know I would select the final location based on what they would be wearing. I was so excited when they sent me this picture of the outfits all laid out:


Coral was the accent color! And in one of the barns that I had never photographed anyone inside yet (I had used the outside before!) there was a piece of machinery almost the exact same color. I knew that was where we needed to shoot!

But as you know from my winter session excitements, sometimes the weather doesn’t do what you expect. The day of the Schendel family session was warm enough… but there was no sun. No sunset. Thick cloud coverage.

That is wonderful for soft light playing outside together but not great when the plan was to have the sunlight streaming in through that old barn! See all that light streaming in below: 


Well, I made that. There was no sunshine so I used my portable studio lighting equipment and strobes to create that effect. And this is the image they chose for their statement wall piece. I can’t wait to share that install with you next!