The Experience

I am a full service, finished product portrait artist specializing in heirloom canvas pieces. Let me explain what that means and how to go from contacting me to enjoying the fine art I install your home.

4 Tile LayouteHow Does It All Start?

It all starts with an in-person consultation. I’ll serve you a slice of homemade pie, show you art and photography on display, let you handle gorgeous album samples and find out what products would be the best fit for you. Once we know what we are working toward, we’ll discuss ideas, wardrobe and planning details.

How Do I Complete the Booking?

Once we know we’re a great fit, a signed contract and paid session fee lets us place your session officially on the calendar.

What Happens before Your Photo Session?

Once the booking is complete, I’ll send you lots of tips for helping the session run smoothly. Remember, I work with normal people everyday. The people on this website are normal people just like you, and I help them all look relaxed and at their very best. If we need a new location, I’ll go scouting. If we need my studio space, I’ll get that prepared. I’ll also ask for images of the wall spaces in your home where you are considering displaying my work so that I can show you accurate examples at your selection experience.

4 Tile Layoutc
What Happens after Your Photo Session?

I get to work preparing your images for your Viewing Session. Your session fee includes professional editing services, natural retouching and composite services. I select only the very best images, so that it is easier for you to make the final selections, and all the delivered images work together to tell the story of your session.

To help you visualize that type of storytelling, I’ll create an album design for you. To help you consider new wall pieces, I’ll design wall collections using the images you supplied of your own walls. I also create a custom card design for you to help you share your images with family and friends! All this behind the scenes work makes it much easier for you to visualize your final products and helps in the final selection process.

When Is the Selection Experience?

The selection experience is approximately two weeks from the date of your session.

What Happens at the Selection Experience?

You’ll relive the emotions of your session through a video presentation of your images while you enjoy a slice of homemade pie. You’ll be able to take home archival art prints in conservation quality mats and share those images on social media the very same day. You’ll watch your story unfold as you turn the pages of your fully designed album. You’ll enjoy seeing your artwork on your own walls using the images you’ve sent to us.

If you choose to build an Artwork Collection, you’ll be walked through the process each step of the way so that at the end, you’ll have gorgeous art pieces in hand and both a wall display and heirloom album on order. And don’t forget your access to unlimited gifts prints, size 8”x10” and smaller, when you build your collection. After weeks of planning, the beauty of your story is finally ready to be seen and displayed!

4 Tile LayoutfWhen do I place my order?

Your order will be placed during the selection experience.

What If I Need More Time to Decide?

As a full-service business, I want you to know I am available each step of the way, and we plan in advance everything from wardrobe and location to the exact wall areas for the final pieces and the album style. I want you to feel confident in your purchases so I’ll share education with you that enables you to make informed decisions.

What Is Home Installation?

It is how I make sure every part of the experience is wonderful! I come in, measure, level, hammer and adjust each piece until its perfect. The idea of hanging multiple art pieces instills fear in most people, so I just take care of it all for you. I even take the bulky packaging away.

4 Tile LayoutdWhat Are My Digital Options?
As a finished product portrait artist, I do not offer a print release for my imagery, but I do want to help you share the joy your imagery brings. After final purchases are made, you receive two digital sharing options. Images for Web Use are re-sized and watermarked and let you share your images with family and friends far away through Facebook. Mobile Albums, which install like apps on your smart phones, are the very best way to share your images with whoever is sitting right next to you.
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