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Iowa News Photography. Today is the last day to enter the Love Story Giveaway! (You can still enter for a $500 shopping spree at Josephs Jewelers and a Moment Design session with me here!) It has been a delight to read about such unique relationships. From high school sweethearts to strangers on a blind date, and couples still dating to anniversaries over 25 years, we’ve enjoyed every comment and want to help you celebrate!

But as Destinee and I shared more of the giveaway with others, a few people said things like ‘But my story is boring! We’ve been together 32 years!’ or ‘There is nothing special about us! No one would want to hear about it.’

This broke my heart.

My relationship isn’t perfect. I don’t know of a single one that is! But I’ve seen enough heartache to know that if you are enjoying your relationship, that is reason to celebrate. My love story this month isn’t glamorous. It isn’t a whirlwind romance. There wasn’t an elaborate gift on Valentine’s Day. But it is mine and I wanted to share it with you.

At 36, I considered myself pretty healthy. My husband and I were working out together and eating clean… except for the pies! We had just celebrated our 14th anniversary with four kids at home and a new license for foster care. But I wasn’t feeling well. What at first seemed like random tummy aches then began to look like a food allergy of some kind and then became more troublesome and harder and harder to figure out.

And then it became too clear too quickly. I went to the emergency room in January with pain unlike any I had ever had outside of childbirth. On the way into Des Moines, I told my husband something I loved about each of our children, in case I didn’t make it back home to them. Gallbladder attack. Testing. Testing. Yes, gallstones. Pre-op. Preparing for surgery. Surgery. Recovery.

This was quite possibly the least romantic month of my life. But one of the most filled with love. Matthew took care of me. He entertained the kids. He helped with everything I couldn’t take care of. He lifted laundry baskets. (I could fold but couldn’t get anything upstairs!) We’ve mostly gotten back to normal around here, but our love is deeper. Not everything grows when things are wonderful. Sometimes love needs a rough patch to get the roots in deeper.

Moment Design is for couples that desire to celebrate their relationship with a one of a kind experience crafted from their authentic connection to each other.

It may be right for you if:

You are recovering from a stressful experience together
You are thankful for your partner
You are in a long term committed relationship
You are considering a lifelong connection
You are engaged to be married
You are celebrating an anniversary
You have recently overcome a trial together
You are working through grief together
You are finding love again later in life
You want to preserve your story
You are thankful for your companion

A Moment Design session celebrates any relationship, wherever you find yourself on your journey. For the month of March, all Moment Design bookings will be entered for a chance to win a date night out. I’ll share the details soon! Your relationships are beautiful, and no matter when your birthday or anniversary, we want to help you celebrate together.

Because your love is gorgeous,

Kat McClure

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Gorgeous In Your Inbox – Iowa Photography News – February 2017 by Katherine McClure Photography