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January 2018 Gorgeous In Your Inbox

While I am not a huge New Year Resolution person, I do take time each January to reflect on the past year and to set new goals. Sometimes they are personal, like increasing the number of workouts in a week (or decreasing the pieces of pie!) At times they are spiritual, like reading more of the Bible each day (or increasing the amount of time set aside for meditation). Sometimes they are professional, like earning my CPP last year (or working toward the teaching certification for Moment Design this year!)

But I follow Christi Hegstad, a professional life coach online, and she mentioned a simple question anyone could use to help meet new goals. She recommended asking yourself “What would a (insert your goal here) do?No matter what your goal may be, from published author to CEO, you can fill in that blank. This year, I decided to put ‘artist’ in the blank.

Yes, I am a mother, wife, friend, sister, home educator, disciple, business owner, entrepreneur and many other things… but I am also an artist. And that title gets buried and lost and looked over in some seasons of life. It may even be the title that gets buried first… and I want to make more room in my life for it.

So when I didn’t feel motivated to work in the middle of January, I asked ‘What would an artist do?’ Of all my to do list that day, only ‘Send out press releases’ (for artwork on display) was even remotely artist related, so I did that first. It felt good! And made all the other business-related items easier to accomplish afterward.

When I started working on a new print case for the state competition, I asked ‘What would an artist do?’

‘What would an artist do?’

That was harder… as I still feel I am finding my voice in that sphere. But after weeks of work, my case is equal parts funny and contemplative. It tells stories about both musicianship and motherhood. It features not only some people in my immediate family, but some very close friends and interesting new acquaintances. And while I may still be searching for my voice, I feel that overall, I did what an artist would do. At least a small part of my artist-self spoke through the process.

So in 2018, I will focus on being an artist. I may say no to some projects to make room for others. Legacy portraits and oil painting commissions will join Moment Design sessions, for both couples and families, as the foundation for heirloom pieces to be enjoyed for the generations to come.

It is more than just business. This is my art.

(And that is what an artist would do!)


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January 2018 Gorgeous In Your Inbox – Iowa Photography News – by Katherine McClure Photography