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Gorgeous In Your Inbox

Do you ever hesitate to book a family session because you are sure yours would just never work out? Then please read about the two portrait sessions below!

One was a magical session. The weather was cool and crisp like fall but the foliage was still lush and green like summer. An adventurous young family asked me to hike to the Fowler Cabin at Ledges State Park to celebrate their little guy’s first birthday. I’ve photographed there quite a few times but had never hiked so far in. The woods are magnificent. The canopy of green towering over this new little family laughing and playing together was breathtaking. The birthday boy was full of easy smiles and his story is filled with love. Yes, it was a magical morning. I know his momma is expecting the images to be all she hoped for (and they are!)

But not every session looks magical at first. Once, the weather was a little (or a lot!) humid. The heat index in Iowa soared past 100 degrees (and stayed there for days). The original location was not available at the last minute (due to unforeseen travel complications). The sunset was a bit too far from normal bedtime and a little one was tired, or shy, or just cried for no reason (at all. While holding ice cream!) That mom, even though she trusted me, was not expecting to have even one great image to hang.

But after almost 15 years creating portraits of families, I know there is beauty in every single session. Every single time. I may have to work harder, change the plans, act crazy or straight up fall over, but I can get those faces to light up. And I have read and observed and listened to countless other professional photographers share how to handle everything from forgotten diaper bags to runny noses and flushed cheeks, and camera setting tricks for fast moving toddlers. I bring my studio lights on location in case the sun isn’t cooperating, and I ditch them when I need to chase the giggles.

I’ve spent my life learning how to best portray your family because no matter what kind of day, or session, you may be having, your love is beautiful. And the way you comfort your child is just as gorgeous as when they are turning on the charm for the camera. And every face, and dimple, and wisp of hair is precious because it belongs to you. And belongs on your walls. To walk by every day when you are healthy and happy or especially when you are sick and hurting. There is no other family quite like yours. Anywhere.

I do what I do because your love is gorgeous. Every day. And those two families? Both have artwork to cherish, forever.

Thank you for sharing your love with me,


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July 2017 Gorgeous In Your Inbox – Iowa Photography News – by Katherine McClure Photography