March 2017 Gorgeous In Your Inbox- Iowa News Photography

It feels so good to be creating this spring, but not every day has been a joy. Some of these April showers have weighed heavy in our house. Are the extremes hitting your house, too?

This month I finally passed a difficult certification process, enjoyed a blissful floating experience and perfected a new truffle recipe in the kitchen, too. I’ve made new friends, delivered beautiful artwork and even read a wonderful new book series (meet Septimus Heap!) I felt filled with helium some days!

But I visited a 12 year old client at The Mayo Clinic in Minnesota after his brain surgery, had sickness hit each of my littles like dominoes, and found a lump on myself during a routine self check. Those days felt like I was a sinking stone.

After an ultrasound and mammogram, I received a clean bill of health, but that drive home was still difficult. Some women would be hearing other words at their appointment that day. Biopsy. Cancer. Treatment.

This is the range of my days. Highs and lows. Happiness and sadness. Love and loneliness. They all fuel my desire for storytelling. For getting past the surface questions. For choosing the hard things that I know will shape me and my family.

Moment Design is the foundation for every story I tell, even if it isn’t a romantic love one. It celebrates any relationship, wherever you find yourself on your journey. Your relationships are beautiful and I cherish when you share them with me. Let’s tell your story next. Call today to secure one of the last sessions available this spring.

Because your love is gorgeous,

Kat McClure

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Gorgeous In Your Inbox – Iowa Photography News – March 2017 by Katherine McClure Photography