Brad and Glenda- Cumming, Iowa Moment Design Giveaway Photography


Counting their blessings each day. Literally. This was their 1076th!

Glenda & Brad celebrate everything. And it is contagious! When they told me their Moment Design session fell on day one thousand seventy-six of their love story, I had to look up my own. (Yikes! I met Matthew 6,797 days ago at orientation at Calvin College…)

They were the winners of the Lovestory Giveaway with Josephs Jewelers and after their shopping spree we scheduled a session at their home. They wrote notes to read to each other, reflected on how far they have come since they first met, and both laughed and cried together.

These portraits are a beautiful celebration of a unique partnership. They are not only precious to Glenda and Brad, but to their families and the little grandkids they are so busy loving on! These are the images they will remember for years to come. Photographs filled not only with love, but filled with hope, because everyday is a gift.

Moment Design Giveaway Photography

by Katherine McClure Photography