Rekindled Love Photography in Prairie City, Iowa- Darin and Emily’s Testimonial


Rekindled Love Photography

by Katherine McClure Photography

Darin and Emily’s Testimonial- celebrating their 15th Anniversary

Emily says, “I highly encourage a Moment Design session to anyone celebrating a milestone in their relationship or for no reason at all. The questions that were asked brought me back to remembering what attracted me to my husband in the early part of our relationship. It also gave me a great opportunity to discover new things that I love about my husband that have developed as our roles have changed to primarily being parents. There were things I love about my husband and our relationship that I shared during our session that I had never shared with him before. This session forced us (in a good way) to take some time to reflect on our relationship and why we fell in love. Wonderful images that capture how we feel about each other help us to remember these positive moments!”