Bruce and Amber’s Testimonial- Michigan Feedback Photography


Bruce and Amber’s Testimonial- by Katherine McClure Photography

Fighting Cancer Together

Michigan Feedback Photography

Amber says, “Celebrating our marriage in the midst of some major challenges in our lives was a blessing that stuck with us in the weeks since. The Moment Design questionnaire felt like a walk down memory lane and a healthy exercise that should happen more often! The image of our hands, showcasing my bracelets that I’ve received in the wake of our son’s cancer, has remained my favorite image. It captured beautifully what we have going on together in this moment. It was a pleasure working with Kat. She was very good at asking questions in a low, calming voice that put us at ease. We not only enjoyed ourselves, but we both felt we looked our best. She has always been a cutting edge photographer with an eye for beauty and composition, and this experience was no exception.”